Thursday, November 17, 2011

Iowa, thanksgiving, Christmas list.....ect...

Hmmm well the hubby left for a business trip this morning to Iowa! he's only gone until tomorrow night but I still dislike it :( I guess it's just strange to be away from someone you love I don't know how so may women do it I may just be more selfish,dependent,insecure then all the other women who live weeks,months,years, without their husbands! I am forever in aww of fuses women! Great job to you!
When he get back tomorrow he will be home for 10 whole days :)
We've got a few plans to try and get done while he's home but not sure if they will pan out!
The kids go to school until Tuesday. We have our last soccer game this week and were done for the season!!!
Thanksgiving in a just a few days away and I can't wait to sepmd some much needed family fine with everyone! Also I'm looking forward to black Friday!!! Not sure if I'll buy anything but I really like going and watching everyone freak out! :)

The kids have circled their toys r us BIGBOOK and well I guess the do get more expensive the older they get but o guess were staying with in $300 per kid limit! Which now seems like a whole lot so I will be rethinking that one!!

Okay that's all for today have a great day

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